Problems Online Retail Store Owners Face


Online retail stores are one of the fastest growing businesses in the world. There are many pros in starting an online retail shop rather than opening a physical store. However along with these pros, there are number of problems an online retail store owner may face. If you are considering to open an online retail store you may need to know that these problems are there too.

Shipping and delivery

Shipping and delivery is the one of the most important part of the business. There are two parts of this. One is when you have to ship your products from your suppliers, and second part is where you have to ship and deliver the items from the storage to your customers. This is not always a smooth process, there can be number of things that can go wrong. For example if you are in the business of buying your items before they are sold then you need to make sure your website is updated simultaneously. If your shipment gets late or if they are damaged then you will have to find alternative ways to keep the cash flow balanced. However if you are selling to order that means you only bring down the items when a customer places the order there can be more problems when providing the delivery date and if the shipments face any problems you will have to face problems with the customers.

Safety of the goods

This is the one of many problems retail shop owners face. Since you won’t be having a traditions shop space to keep your goods you will have to rent storage space to keep your items. This is fairly straight forward, however unlike storing regular personal items, these are your business items and you make money off these and hence you have to worry about the security of the items. You need to get insurance for your items and you need to find safe company who provides extra space. Also you need to make sure you select a very reliable company. If you are running an online retail store of items like shampoos and other toiletries you need to make sure the goods are not damaged while in the store.


This refers to computer viruses. Most of the time when you are running an online store you have to keep your store clean. Just like owning a physical store which you would be cleaning and keeping clean, the online store should also be clean. This can be attacked by various computer viruses and most of the time your whole website shuts down for couple of days when this happens. This has a major impact on your business. You need to invest on a good quality virus guard and on a good IT tech support.