How To Cook A Perfect Roast?


We have all seen the Asterix comics where wild boars and pigs are kept roasting over fires in the outdoors while everyone dances and sings around these fires. In modern times, having an open fire and a whole pig roasting over it might seem unthinkable. However, there are ways to get the same flavors and the cooked meat of a pig, which can be delectable party dishes and help, feed a large number of people. In many countries pig roast is a large part of the celebratory dinners that are served during occasions like Christmas. There are several ways that pig roasts are prepared. Here are some hints on how to prepare to cook pig roast.

How to start?

If you are planning to roast a whole pig you need to have a pit, grill or spit. If you have a spit, you need to place the pig on a skewer that rotates. You can use a grill too to roast or cook a pig. Nowadays, many people use an electric bbq in Australia. You need to cut up the pig in appropriate pieces, at least into half to reduce the cooking time. When using a fire pit, the pit needs to be lined with certain materials and then the pig meat is placed on top.

Cooking over fire pits

Instead of an electric bbq if you are using a fire pit, you should have a large pit that has been dug out in the ground. Line it with materials that are flame resistant. Heated rocks or other kinds of heating elements can be used in the pit for cooking the pig. Cooking time will vary as per the size, the fat content, heat source and insulator agent used. Parkquip provides the best equipment that can be used for your bbq parties. 

Cooking over spits

If you are roasting pig meat on a spit, there is a skewer rotation system which works on top of the spit. It rotates above the fire for several hours and turns the meat. When the meat is cooked, it will start to fall off the bones. It is a great way to serve guests meat directly from a spit.

Keeping everything ready

If you are planning to host an outdoor party, ensure that you have the meat prepared from before. In most cases the meat is not marinated. You could prepare side dishes and condiments and keep them ready. That way, once the meat is cooked, it can be served fresh with other items to the guests. Many caterers are experienced in pig roasting and you can leave it in their able hands. Having an outdoor catering service to roast the meat and serve it to the guests will help to make your event a great success. You will also be able to enjoy the day more.